Your financial objectives

Before looking at specific investing solutions, we first review a client’s current situation, plans and expectations.


Investment growth

You’ve put a lot of energy into building up your capital. We understand that preserving it is also a big responsibility, one that requires knowledge, experience and the time you value so highly. Moreover, you have a lot of questions about what, when and how to choose: whether to got with products and services that ensure a stable cash flow, or those that generate a return through growing value.

Helping you to make the right investment decisions is our everyday work.

We first review a client’s current situation, plans and expectations, before looking at specific investing solutions. When necessary, we use a financial planning programme to fine-tune an individual investment portfolio strategy. The portfolio is created, managed and constantly monitored by a team of professionals who know and abide best practices.

We do not limit clients’ choices of asset classes, region, form or choice of manager for their investments. We acquaint you with the market leaders and provide you with the best information available. And alongside standard products and services, we also offer the inclusion of real estate or alternative investments in your portfolio.

We realise how important it is to look after the tax and legal aspects of a client’s investments. Here we have a proven network of partners ready to create value for you.

And investing is a dynamic process. Both the investment environment and clients’ own needs change over time. So we regularly exchange information with you, keeping you up to date and accompanying you through every investment decision.

Planning for the future

Investing is an integral part of planning for the future. We're accustomed to handling diverse situations and investment objectives, seeking the very best solution for each of one.

Some of you already have clear investment objectives. Perhaps you’re saving up for a specific purchase or want to ensure the welfare of your loved ones. Or maybe you seek to manage risk and be ready for unforeseen events. In any case, you need personalized, flexible and objective advice. That’s why we’re here to – to assist you in making decisions and carrying them out.

Some of you are just now discovering the opportunities that investing offers, because you were long focused entirely on your primary activity. But the time comes to pass on your experience and accumulated capital to the coming generations.

These are needs that we deal with constantly. So we have the experience to help form investment traditions in your family circle for the building up of wealth, its management and its inheritance. We can also introduce you to worldwide practices and help put safeguards in place to ensure the continuity of the work that’s been begun.

We explore suitable solutions after first discussing your current situation, plans and expectations. If needed, we draw on the expert help of our partners in the areas of legal and tax planning and at foreign financial institutions. We thus prepare and fine-tune an individual strategy which is continually supported by a team of professionals working in accord with best practices.

Social concern

Once our own future and that of our loved ones is secured, there comes a time to contribute to building up the community in which we live. If you are interested in philanthropic activity, get in touch with us.