We undertake initiatives which promote an investment culture and financial education.


In the process of creating, managing, increasing, preserving and passing on our clients' wealth, we seek to encourage the participation not only of our client decision-makers, but also their family members. That’s why we undertake initiatives which promote an investment culture.


The Youth Academy is a series of classes for groups of our clients’ school-age children, which focuses on financial education and career planning for young people. Participants develop their financial management skills and learn about the subtleties of the business world. They get tips on choosing from among the many possible study and career paths and learn how to invest in different asset classes. They also discover innovative ways to spend their free time, and learn many other things that any influential young person should know.

The classes are led by accomplished professionals: from bankers to managers of start-up funds, from real estate project developers to manufacturing company representatives, from golf trainers to experts in etiquette. Learning is interactive: it’s not just presentations of theory, but also involves practical tasks, excursions and diverse forms of entertainment.

The Academy has earned special recognition from our clients and young people. It takes place once a year, during summer – a week of classes and practical activities.

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The idea for this club grew out of our highly successful Women’s Academy initiative, the main goal of which was financial education for women or, better put, to make women more confident about helping manage the family budget. An effort was made to acquaint as many women as possible with the fields of business, investing and finance, plus other topics such as etiquette, travel, children’s education and more.

This step to break the stereotype that today’s world of finance is still mainly ruled by men found very strong interest. And so it was decided to offer the classes not just once a year, but in an ongoing club format.

The Women’s Club promises a cosy and unrestricted atmosphere, relevant topics, professional speakers and light discussion. Meetings are held once a month during the school year.

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