Our products and services

We’re constantly scouring the market for the investment products and services that are best for You.


Financial planning

Based on thorough evaluation of a client’s current circumstances, plans and expectations, we create a financial plan (including risk management) for the whole of their life (and future generations, too, when relevant). The plan is used to prepare an individual strategy and tactical solutions. it is also reviewed regularly and adjusted when necessary.

Advisory and discretionary portfolio management

Financial markets offer investors great potential for growing their capital. But markets are complicated and demand a lot specific knowledge, skills and experience. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage your personal investments well. That’s why more and more investors are entrusting the management of their assets to professionals. Always aware of the client’s needs and objectives, they make the day-to-day decisions and provide regular information about market changes.

More about Portfolio Management

Analysis and selection of third-party products and services

We keep an open investment architecture. That means we’re constantly scouring the market for the products and services that are best for you, with no limits as regards managers, asset classes or geography. We work with the Baltic region’s most competent team of asset managers, who assess how well potential instruments fit the needs and values of our clients. Thus our clients can get objective information about the best investment solutions in the market.

What’s right for you may be standard products and services (pension funds, investment funds, portfolio management), more complex solutions (real estate and alternative investment funds), exclusive private offerings of shares or bonds, and/or other things.

Most importantly, we have access to many significant contacts at the highest level, offering privileged opportunities which suit the needs of diverse clients.

Analysis and selection of tax and legal services

In our view, investment decisions can’t be separated from tax and legal planning. That’s why we work with a number of partners who specialise in diverse areas. Each of you has a unique situation, so we’ll help you choose the most suitable solution and service provider.

Issues like inheritance planning often start from discussions with us and our partners, and investment products and services are brought in later.

Third-party products and services abroad

We assist clients in opening and managing accounts at foreign financial institutions.

Consolidated portfolio reporting

For your convenience, we can provide a consolidated portfolio report comprising all the financial assets you hold. This is something our clients highly appreciate.