Information for customers: announcement about successfully effected investment fund merger

The asset management company INVL Asset Management announces that on the 15th of January this year harmonized investment fund “INVL Umbrella Fund’s” INVL Emerging Europe ex Russia TOP20 Subfund was successfully incorporated into the open-ended harmonized investment fund “INVL Baltic Fund” (hereinafter – Fund merger).

After the effected Fund merger:
 -     the INVL Emerging Europe ex Russia TOP20 Subfund (ISIN LTIF00000443) has been terminated;
 -     the INVL Baltic Fund continues to operate successfully with a larger number of participants and more assets.

All clients who on 15 January 2020 held investment units of the INVL Emerging Europe ex Russia TOP20 Subfund, on the day of completion of the merger acquired units of the INVL Baltic Fund: their INVL Emerging Europe ex Russia TOP20 Subfund units were converted free of charge into INVL Baltic Fund investment units at the ratio of 0,90626588.

To obtain more information about INVL Baltic Fund (Key investor information document, Rules, Prospectus, investment results, etc.) please visit our internet site For more information please contact customer care departments in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, call +370 700 55 959, email, or contact any official distributor of INVL Baltic Fund.

Detailed information regarding this fund merger can be found here..