Mundus Mezzanine I fund‘s objective is to generate long-term growth of capital via private corporate debt investments by benefiting from the under utilization of financial leverage in the region.

Fund‘s team creates value within target companies by providing mezzanine financing intended to achieve economies of scale and realize other synergies, improve governance, facilitate specific project‘s transition from the capex to the cash flow generating state.

More information about the fund is here.

Mundus Mezzanine I fund is managed by asset management company Mundus. Its controlling stake belongs to INVL Asset Management. More information about Mundus is here.


When investing, you assume the investment risk. Past results of investments do not guarantee future results. Investments can be both profitable and loss-making, you may not obtain financial benefits and you may lose some of the invested amount.

Fund Mundus Mezzanine I is intended for informed investors. Only informed investors who meet the requirements stipulated in the Law on Collective Investment Undertakings Intended for Informed Investors and legal acts adopted by supervisory institutions on the basis of that law may acquire investment units of this fund. The right of investors in the fund to demand redemption of shares which they hold is restricted.

Before making a decision to invest, you should personally or with the help of investment advisors assess the selected fund’s investment strategy, applicable fees, and all risks associated with investing, and carefully read the prospectus, rules, main information document and other information connected with this subject of collective investment subject. You can get acquainted with these documents on the website

All the information presented is of a promotional nature and cannot be construed as a recommendation, offer, or invitation to invest in units of the fund managed by Mundus, asset management company. The information provided cannot be the basis for any subsequently concluded agreement.