About us

Companies in the asset management group Invalda INVL (Invalda INVL Group) manage pension, bond and equity funds, alternative investments, individual portfolios, private equity and other financial instruments. Invalda INVL Group now serves more than 200,000 clients in Lithuania and Latvia, plus international investors, with total assets under management of 1 billion euros.
Every day we make decisions to ensure the intelligent investment of our clients’ assets, which is why we highly value responsibility, a professional attitude, efficiency and openness.

We’re chosen for:

  • Integrity that always puts the client’s interests first
  • The biggest team of investment managers in Lithuania and Latvia
  • Proven industry investment practices and top global products
  • 20+ years of successful investing and asset management with significant returns for clients
We ensure:
  • Analysis-driven solutions that fit your needs and goals
  • Quality investment products and services
  • Clear expert advice, convenience and a spirit of partnership


We’re spreading the benefits of a modern investment culture throughout the Baltics, at the same time making it easier for institutional and private investors to benefit from the dynamic markets on our radar. We serve local residents and institutional investors in Lithuania and Latvia, as well as clients in other countries, mainly in Western Europe.


We strive to make the process of investing as clear as possible. That’s why we work together with clients to find the best solutions in light of their stance on risk and desired return. We focus on investment types and regions that we know well, also committed to constant growth in expertise. And we’re happy to be able to draw on proven worldwide solutions.

Seeking to contribute to the growth of an investment culture, we developed the Lithuanian Investment Index – the first such index in the country’s history. It shows how returns on investments in the four main asset classes have evolved since 1996.

What does INVL mean?

INVL is a short form of the name Invalda, which comes from the words “invest” and “manage” (in Lithuanian). The companies in the Invalda INVL group provide asset management services and manage a variety of investments.


Established in 1991, Invalda INVL together with local and international investment partners has completed numerous M&A deals and capital-raising transactions worth more than 1.5 billion euros overall.
The group is recognized for having contributed significantly to development of the local capital market. The shares of Invalda INVL have traded on the Nasdaq Baltic Market since 1995. Those of INVL Technology, INVL Baltic Farmland, and INVL Baltic Real Estate have traded on the exchange since 2014.
Invalda INVL Group currently operates more than 20 funds, including mutual and pension funds in Lithuania and Latvia (2nd and 3rd pillar), also managing private portfolios of financial instruments. The group's company INVL Asset Management in Lithuania owns 51 percent of asset management company Mundus.
In 2014, Invalda INVL acquired the companies MP Pension Funds Baltic and Finasta Asset Management in Lithuania, and in early 2015 completed the acquisition of Finasta Asset Management in Latvia. With completion in October 2015 of the merger of the Invalda INVL group companies in Lithuania INVL Asset Management, MP Pension Funds Baltic and INVL Fondai, now it is INVL Asset Management that operates in the market. In 2015 the financial brokerage firm INVL Finasta was also established. It specializes in providing wealth management services.

In keeping with the requirements of European Union law, the activity of the group’s asset management companies is licensed and supervised by Lithuanian and Latvian financial regulators.
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